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FSC-Certified Paper with Millboard Core
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Gift box packaging design for Woodlot.

Created to house Woodlot’s gift sets, Arithmetic designed these boxes with simple yet beautiful gifting in mind. The rigid folding box is secured by a hidden magnet closure in the lid and a washer and string detail on the front panel. Rose gold foil details compliment the smooth, uncoated paper stock wrapping the boxes. 

Gift box packaging design for Woodlot.

A centuries-old practice, essential oils are at the heart of wellness in cultures across the globe, from topical healing to aromatherapy, these potent essences really are the little wonders of wellness. Each bottle is packed with natural plant extracts, inspired by ancient rituals for the mind and body. Pure, potent, and remedial, diffuse woodlot oils and envelop yourself in the healing fragrances of the earth. 

Woodlot gift box, packaging architecture and design.
Copywriting for Woodlot giftbox.
Gift box packaging design for Woodlot.

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