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Ecommerce Packaging Set
Ecommerce set for Garmentory.

Garmentory unifies art and industry which is very much in line with one of the larger goals of the Bauhaus movement. The artists in the Bauhaus movement were exploring geometric forms and stripping away unnecessary decoration as they explored new technology, allowing the capabilities and restrictions to inspire their creative output. They also focused on typography having a highly important function. Considering the parallels between the Bauhaus and Garmentory being comprised of many creative designers, we developed a set of themes that would influence the aesthetics of the project; Type as Image, Geometric Pattern Play, a Return to the Grid and a tone of voice as shown through the cheeky copywriting.

Ecommerce set for Garmentory.
Ecommerce set for Garmentory.
Ecommerce set for Garmentory.

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