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FSC-Certified Paper with Millboard Core (Paper Industry By-Product), Recyclable
Glass Vessels, Recyclable
GDUSA American Package Design Award, 2021
Pentaward Bronze, 2021
Award winning packaging and branding for skincare brand, Feel.

Inspired by the desire to turn your self care ritual into self-awareness—the Feel brand has undergone a metamorphosis to reflect a new state of consciousness. Each touchpoint has evolved, from the brand’s foundation to the formulations of its product line, and outwards to all of its expression points.

The new Feel brand focuses heavily on the efficacy of its products, taking a straightforward approach that focuses on ingredients first. Each product is developed with large enough concentrations of each key ingredient to be highly effective. No label claiming here. Feel is also 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.

Editorial art direction and photography for skin care brand Feel.
Editorial art direction and photography for skin care brand Feel.

Feel’s product packaging has been designed to symbolize the experience of unearthing internal awareness and change. A completely custom brand colour was developed to emote this internal awakening and then owned across all of the packaging assets to create a sense of depth—depth in discovery, awakening and healing.

Editorial art direction and photography for skin care brand Feel.

The collection of custom designed boxes open to reveal the matte glass vessels and brand messaging held within. The uncoated paper stock has a rich, tactile, human quality while the motif embossed on the exterior panels of the boxes emotes a fluid, earth texture, symbolic of a connection to nature.

Together these custom elements work together to express the high quality and efficacy of Feel products, as well as emoting the ethos of self-awareness that drives the brand.

To be truly self-aware we must also consider our impact on the world around us. This includes the environmental footprint of our packaging. Both the glass vessels and the paper boxes were designed for their high level of recyclability.

The Journal

Each issue of The Journal we invite a set of contributors to explore a specific theme. The writing style is open and varies from essays, to poems and journal-style articles. We encourage authors to share work that is open and honest, and above all reflects their personal understanding of self-awareness as it relates to the issues selected theme. Feel believes that by sharing a diverse set of perspectives, we can share the importance of self-
reflection with the world.

Our visual content explores each issues theme through the lens of an artist’s work. We invite visual artists across all disciplines to share their work and provide insight into how their creative process relates to the theme self-awareness.

For the Feel brand, we believe in the symbiotic balance of the head and the heart. To deepen our understanding of ourselves, we must seek out information, both internally and externally, to expand our capacity for understanding.

Editorial art direction and photography for skin care brand Feel.

When we build a brand, we start with the soul. We humanize.

Before we select typefaces, colours, materiality, we create the character, the muse, the North Star. It is intimate and personal.

With beauty brand, Feel, we unfolded this persona through a narrative of self inquiry—interested in the impossible task of genuinely knowing the “self ” and the practices for self-understanding. Thinking of ourselves as both fixed and fluid over time is what enables us to cope with the changes in life and make purposeful decisions about the direction we might go. Reconciling this difference between fixed and fluid involves continually checking in with ourselves to see where we are currently and what will take us to where we would like to be next. It requires forming a relationship with ourselves based on a continued pursuit of understanding. To give space to the mind and release the body’s limits.

Social media design for instagram for skincare brand, Feel.

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