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100% PCR Vessels
100% Recyclable Aluminum Tubes
Shortlisted for 2023 Pentaward
GDUSA American Graphic Design Award, 2023

Bottle of toner with a teal-coloured label and orange foil text surrounded by blurred yellow and purple packaging in the foreground
Metallic magenta coloured aluminum tube that says "Oil-Free Hydrating Gel" in flat light yellow text. Flat table plane is set on an angle.

Streamlined, playful and vibrant—the Feel packaging was designed with Gen Z in mind. Iridescent, metallic, surprising colour combinations and reflective surfaces bring a surreal take to the skincare category. Strategically designed to break convention in an otherwise subdued category and bring a future forward vibe to consumers entering the beauty category looking for their aesthetics to be mirrored back to them through the packaging. 

A dark green aluminum tube stands in the centre in focus and says "Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser" surrounded by tubes standing in the foreground and distance out of focus and blurred
A close up of a metallic Magenta label that says "Probiotic Moisturizer" in light yellow flat text

To create a foil effect, we printed on a metallic BOPP label substrate and laid down a CMYK print without using foils. For the aluminum tubes, we harnessed the metallic surface of the aluminum and printed bright Pantones to recreate the look of foil. The typographic layouts and treatment are designed in contrast to the futuristic colour palette providing a sense of reputability and efficacy through a prescription style type set.

We strategically eliminated the secondary packaging to reduce environmental impact while the vessels and closures are made with PCR plastic and are recyclable to reduce virgin plastic use. The tubes are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum with aluminum caps to eliminate plastic.  

A dark green aluminum tube that says "Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser" stands in the centre of a grey background. The image is taken at an angle.
A clean rectangular bottle with a teal label that says "AHA & Vitamin C Toner" stands in the centre of a grey background. The image is taken at an angle.

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