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story / team bio: ellen tsai

Ellen Tsai

As a Junior Graphic Design at arithmetic, Ellen holds an important role. Working hand-in-hand with the Creative Director, Ellen helps to produce original visual strategies and design solutions that articulate a brand’s story. Ellen translates conceptual ideas into production ready artwork - she makes an idea come to life.


Through her many years of education and experience, she has sharpened her execution of branding, typography, editorial, interactive design, packaging design, letterpress, and motion graphics amongst various aspects of graphic design. She is passionate about developing brands, because they allow her to apply various multidisciplinary and graphic design skills and sensibilities comprehensively.


Born and raised in Taiwan, Ellen pursued her passion for design at the NTUST in Taiwan where she studied Commercial Design. She was the youngest of all the qualified students offered a scholarship to one of the most elite Design schools in the world, ArtCenter College of Design in California. She was the only undergraduate student in her year awarded a full scholarship, an achievement previously intended for Master Degree candidates. After studying three terms at the renowned school, she completed an internship at a graphic design studio in Belgium that strengthened her visual acuteness as a graphic designer. The cultural differences and diversities between Eastern and Western countries greatly inspire her in all kinds of ways. Her time spent in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Taiwan has influenced her design processes, reference materials, and various visual elements. She is always fascinated and inspired by the way in which people communicate through visual media, art, films, and even everyday products, in different countries.