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story / team bio: elizabeth vegh
Elizabeth Vegh, Design Coordinator

As Design Manager, Elizabeth plays many roles. From Brand Strategy, Sourcing, Client Liaison and Project Management to creative direction, she is a crucial component at arithmetic as the Creative Director’s right hand. Elizabeth dissects how things work and makes them work even better.


From manning a drill to developing up a comprehensive project work-back, managing a multitude of complex projects simultaneously while guiding communication from offshore manufacturers, and effortlessly bestowing the latest industry news learned from a pod cast onto the team, it’s safe to say that Elizabeth brings an immense bounty of cultural shift awareness and knowledge to the back story of the brands we build and a sharp eye to the bottom line.


Elizabeth’s work and interests reveal a relentless and enthusiastic pursuit of the idea that design, fashion, visual art and culture are all a confluent means of communication. She is passionate about all facets of visual communication and believes that they do not exist in compartments.


Elizabeth’s work experience and education are representative of this belief. She has worked with arithmetic for over 5 years facilitating product fabrication, visual merchandising and photo shoots. In addition, Elizabeth has over 4 years of experience project managing and archiving large-scale international visual art exhibitions. Her formal education is concentrated in the social sciences, design and visual art.


It is Elizabeth’s great creative instincts and unique personal practice that set her apart. She is the recipient of three design awards in the past year.