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we're a branding, packaging and design company located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada

We’re known for our novel, meaningful ideas, rich with cultural experiences. Ideas that help your customers live a cultured life.

arithmetic is a multi-disciplinary design studio delivering innovative and strategy-driven design concepts that drive sales for value-minded brands. We work closely with our clients to get to the core, the story of your offering to create a powerful intelligent brand narrative, with its own distinct personality. Our goal is to ensure that your brand communicates its stand-out offers with simplicity, authenticity and emotional conviction – and stands out from the competition in the process. Our work isn’t just created to tell a story, it’s about delivering a better emotional experience for the consumer.


In the age of blink and you’ll miss it, your brand collateral acts as a graphic synopsis, expressing your brand’s personality and values, literally at a glance. We work with you, integrating values and aesthetic nuances to create a brand and visual language that provides inspiring experiences that delight your customers and exceed their expectations. Your customers want to see themselves and their values reflected in their experience of your brand.


A brand must initiate two-way communication, an open and ongoing conversation with your customers that informs smart decisions. We believe that great brands contain a combination of ‘truth’ and ‘desire.’ At the heart of any brand there is a core truth that is rooted in the product intrinsically, and which must flow through the brand as a constant guiding force and vision. Any brand must form a lasting emotional connection with consumers in order to build and sustain strong brand equity and desirability.


Through reviewing insights, creative strategy and design, we will uncover the unique and ownable truth for you, making sure your vision is clear and convincing in both the aisles and in the minds of your consumers.


Because design is messy and non-linear, each project we do is bespoke. We customize it for the challenge at hand. The scoping of the project plan is when our approach starts to take shape and where our partnership with you begins.


Think of any big, successful offering that has come to market and chances are its success stems from an ability to satisfy a latent human need, behaviour, or desire. We believe that to be a great designer, you must be fascinated with the world around you, be a seasoned observer of people and how they interact with the world. We engage end users throughout the design process to evaluate the desirability of new ideas and possible solutions. We are also intensely passionate about trends from fashion to food, furniture to decor, and to personal well-being and culture.


With effective storytelling, ideas are embraced, adopted, and fostered faster and more efficiently. At arithmetic, we use the storytelling medium which best fits the message to convey to clients and stakeholders the intent, potential, and emotional experience of an idea or product.                                                                   



Brand Strategy
Window Display Design
Brand Art Direction
Strategy Insight
Packaging Design
Collateral; Menus
Branded Collateral

Industrial Design
Way Finding
Experience Design
Sales & Trade Marketing
Signage, Awnings, Neon & Hand Painted
Set DesignLogo Design
Catalogue Design
Interior Art Direction & Design


Website Design
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Car & Machine Wraps
Copywriting Restaurant
Product Design Textile
Visual Strategy
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