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We know first hand how cancer’s rough hand touches the ones we love. So here’s to researching and embracing positive change in medical discovery and acknowledging the hard work of those dedicated to making a happier, healthier tomorrow.

The Canadian Cancer Society is our studio charity of choice and we would be delighted if it was your top pick as well.

To learn more about the waves that the Canadian Cancer society is creating, go to

What is the arithmetic connection?

Over the centuries, philosophers have explored the link between a rt and mathematics. But how can we evaluate beauty? Does a formula for aesthetic contentment exist? What makes some design compositions feel harmonious while others feel so wrong or incomplete?

From The golden section, to the rule of thirds to grids, it’s clear there is an underlying equation that creates a foundation for aesthetic beauty. This framework of possibility is also represented in the underlying equation that supports the growth of your branding and design process. From intangible processes to solid, rhythmic design, arithmetic can be applied to your branding and business needs.

Our arithmetic is the framework for your heightened brand experience.


The poetry of logical ideas
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