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“I am so excited to share arithmetic with each of you, arithmetic is a forward-thinking approach to integrate branding and business strategy. It provides a platform to help you better connect with your customers as you share your story to your community and the world through experience.”

Margherita Porra,

So here's to stories!

Arithmetic was born and raised in Vancouver, formed by the need for a new type of design agency. One that creates work crafted by careful listening and designed to speak directly to the target consumer; a conversation in their own unique language. Our agency began with a clear vision and a strong internal understanding of our company culture; a set of uncompromising core values and an environment that supports and nourishes creative growth. We express theses values in the daily life of our design studio so you and your brand can harvest the rewards.

Our goal is to create a new language that can speak to our community of consumers, one that makes them stop in their tracks and helps them relate and connect through interests, passions, and values. Life inside your brand; a genuine connection that makes people feel at home whenever they touch, use or read about your brand, as if it was created uniquely for them, quirks and all.

It's all in the name

The name itself… was a happy accident. On a rainy Saturday, Margherita and two close friends set out on an impromptu inspiration day in Vancouver’s South Main district. With a bag full of ephemera in hand, she stumbled upon an old textbook: Making Arithmetic Meaningful. Knowing strongly that she wanted her creative agency’s name to be a metaphor for the formula in which she works – creatively and analytically adding her clients’ personal stories to creative knowhow – it was love at first sight.

The poetry of logical ideas:

Poetry: The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative or elevated thought

Logical: Reason or sound judgment. The system of reasoning applicable to a branch of knowledge.

Ideas: Any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.


The poetry of logical ideas
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